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RoHS marking?

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We have a new product we are about to start marketing. Do we have to send it off somewhere to be tested or verified before we can advertise it as RoHS compliant?

There is a PCB in there that we are having made, and I need to know if i should spend the extra $0.30 per board for RoHS. All of the other components are labeled as being RoHS compliant.


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If you are to be Rohs compliant, you should study the compliance requirements and understand them in detail. Here is a link
RoHS Guide: FAQ on RoHS Compliance

To be RoHS compliant, you will have to use unleaded solder, and I think the board also needs to be tinned with compliant unleaded solder, so you should be ordering the Rohs compliant version of the pcb for the extra $.30.


You don't have to get it approved but you're breaking the law if you mark it RoSH if it isn't compliant.
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