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Great list, will have to make my way through them.
Any chance of a list of sites that sell kit to get up and running in UK?
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1. The robot should complete a closed loop obstacle course of 500m consisting of various hurdles within an anticipated time of 20 min using Autonomous Navigation.

2. Maximum robot speed should be 10 kmph and maximum robot speed should be limited by hardware.

3. Robot should carry a max payload of 20 kg.

4. The robot should navigate with the help of GPS waypoints & Land marks.

5. Facility for wireless E-Stop during emergency should be provided.

6. Type of locomotion to be chosen by the students and it should be self powered in all respects.

7. The robot should navigate the terrain while avoiding static positive hard obstacles.

8. Maximum width of the robot should be 1m.

9. Course position & exact obstacle positions will be provided one hour before the event.

10. Width of the lane: maximum is 3m and minimum is 1.2 m.

11. Terrain details:
(a) Sand 3 inches of depth.
(b) Gravel size of 2inches.
(c) Gradient with an up/down maximum slope of 15 Deg.
(d) Staircase climbing up to a maximum of 6 steps up and down (7 inches height x 10 inches tread).
(e) 8 Corrugations with a maximum radius of 8 inches and pitch 16 inches.
(f) Lane following by color detection.

give me idea how to built this type of robats
Learn how to build a robotic arm that can lift a two lb. object 40 inches in the air.

Build a H-Bridge at a fraction of the cost of a bought one.

Learn how to Radio Control DC motors cheaply.

All our robot projects can be made using every day tools that most people who do work around the house would have.

Each project is laid out step by step with many photos to show you how it is done.

Reprap is a self replicating robot so they say but what it really is a 3d printer(it prints parts made of plastic). it's completely open source and any body can do what they want with the design. and the latest version can print almost all of it's parts. it's referred to as Mendel. really cool project. once i'm working again i'm gonna get started on building one.

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