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Rheobus new Project - HELP

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I have this great idea in my mind. I want to make a FAN controlling device in my computer. I have already made one few months ago, but it's rather simple, with just some rheostats and a few LED's.

My ambition is to make something much better. I am not very good in electronics however, which is why I came here.
I want to make a device that would incorporate:
- mode FAN switch (Manual/Auto/Off)
(Manual Mode)
Manual voltage regulation of the FAN np. Like in my old rheobus.
(Auto Mode)
Automatic voltage control set by the temperature probe.
- an alarm triggered off when the temperature exceeds a given value
- a device that would retain voltage of the FANs for a few seconds after power shutdown.
And to all that I would like to have two Led's. One dual color LED that would indicate the mode in which the fun is. And one that would indicate whenever the fun is shutdown.

If anyone could help me make such a device or show me some schemes that could be of use in my little project, I would be very grateful if you could post them here, or send it to [email protected] .
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