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RF Transmitter!

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I want to build a remote control which will control 9 or more channels. First is there a schematic for this already that i can use? Second if there is not then will someone help me by starting me off with the transmitter portion of the schematic?

I am fairly new to electronics and im not sure what type of circuitry i would need to transmit a digital signal and receive it on the other end. And im not sure if digital is the best way to go.

Here is my situation. I need to be able to flick one of 9 switched at any given time and have the receiver interpret which switch i pressed and activate the right relay.

I know that if i want to use digital i need to program or buy an already built encoder and decoder.

How would you guys solve this problem?


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You say that you are faily new to electronics. Building a 9 channel transmitter/receiver is quite an ambitious project, maybe something simpler first :wink: .
I have been in that game a long time but still would prefer to adapt something already available for that use before trying to re invent the wheel so to speak.
What range do you have in mind?. Perhaps you could adapt remote garage door opener transmitter/ receivers. They often have a selective range of codes , giving the possibility of multiple channels. And they are type approved, avoiding any legal hassles with radio frequency transmitters.
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