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replacing LCD display in control pod

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I've got a Logitech Z-680 system and the LCD display is pretty much gone, the backlight flickers and all.. Long story short the company that made it (VDS) is no longer in operation and I can't figure out which are the pins used I had wanted to try and do an OLED display which would be a huge plus..

We had a big discussion here about the display


I wonder if it's possible? I figure I would ask here
The link you posted is broken.
99.99% chance that's a standard Hitachi LCD driver based display, you could pick up a stock replacement for 5 dollars off e-bay. That's JUST the display board (the one on the left) NOT the board on the right. If the board on the right is what's actually faulty not the display itself things become a whole lot more complicated.
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I don't think you understand.. see the wires coming from the LCD display it's not the full what was it 16-18 pins so that mean a lot are unused but which pins?
Thanks House of Wax, I didn't catch that.

There are 8 wires in both of those images 1324, what are you talking about 16-18pins? I just read the rest of the original post you linked though and the images are better.
That's definitely a Hitachi compatible display, only 8 wires are needed for functionality. You can find the pinouts and protocol information easily using Google.
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I'm talking about the 16 pins here


my question is how will I know what pin is what? from what we searched it was a custom display... Having said that would a 20x2 OLED work? I have a 16x2 I could spare if it blows.. since the OLED has no backlight pins I could omit whatever pins that is right?

Better yet what's the quickest way to power up a OLED? I tried before but I never got anything on the display.. The standard hitachi display should show a blinking cursor right? It's been a long time since I did my LCD projects.
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ah crap I found it but it's not 20x2 but 16x2 heh but I can also order a 20x2 in yellow in OLED and it's almost a perfect fit as far as size.
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man this is exhausting.. I've been moving wires around for like 4 hours now and the best I can do is get the display to light but nothing else.. not sure how reliable that other guy's info is but I noticed the display will go full dark if 5V is on the v0 pin.

I'm going by what they state as the min needed to work the display

trying to figure out this one thing.. that's puzzling me.. the user on that site said he figured out what was VSS and VDD and which pins are for the backlight.. So that's already 4 pins so that leaves me with 4 pins left but looking at the info ported here

1 Vss (ground)
2 Vdd (+5v)
3 RS
4 E
5 DB4
6 DB5
7 DB6
8 DB7

they don't factor in the backlight or anything How could I wire that with only 4 wires?

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