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Replacement for E13009F2 ?


New Member
Hi all,

I'm new to the repair world, attempting to repair a switch-mode power supply. I'm looking to replace a pair of shorted E13009F2 mosfets, but can't find replacements locally (don't want to order from China). Is there a suitable replacement for these ?


New Member
TL;DR FJP13009H2TU is a readily available substitute for E13009F2

I did some further research:

1) E13009F2 was manufactured by Fairchild Semiconductor, which was bought out by ON Semiconductor.
2) Searched ON Semiconductor's website for E13009F2, which returned the following suggestions: MJE13009, FJA13009 (400v, 12a and 700v 12a respectively)
3) Searched digikey for MJE13009 (other components are rated to 300v, which tells me 400v is fine) - I find the product listed as obsolete/unavailable
4) Under substitutes it listed FJP13009H2TU, with 1300+ available, so I ordered some.

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