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I have a very old (1970s? / 80s) Casiotone 601 Keyboard. It has not been used in a long time! I used it today and it worked fine when plugged in but after approx 10mins started to kick out smoke!

Switched off and opened up keyboard and looked in the area smoke was coming from. There is a cracked Component (Maybe a Capacitor? .022uF?) Part number PME265MB522M. It is on a board that has a direct link to mains supply. I have included a photo. It is the yellow/gold rectangular component next to the round white disc.

I left the keyboard and then plugged in with case open to eyeball where smoke was coming from. The keyboard worked fine and no smoke! , but switched it off after 1min. It may have started smoking if I left it longer?

I am guessing the part mentioned is to blame. There are 2 of these.

However the part number seems to be obsolete. Could someone please suggest an alternative and also advise if I should replace both (just in case?).




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Those two capacitors are likely available at Radio Shack or you can order them online from MCM Electronics.com or Mouser Electronics.com. All you need be concerned about is the .022uF and the voltage printed on the capacitors. The circular white thingie next to them is a choke (coil) that is connected to those capacitors to make a filter for the input voltage fedding them. That could be bad however they typically don't fail. Interesting that the 1.5amp glass fuse nearby hasn't blown in the process since you claim the keyboatd still works. There likely is another problem downstream in the power supply that may be faulty. If you are not familiar with troubleshooting electronics as well as desoldering and soldering components, take the keyboard to a qualified service shop to avoid ruining things further.
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