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Remote Dead by over Voltage

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I have this remote control Pioneer xxd3043 remote control with learning capabilities.
There were no batteries at home so my newphew connected it a 3.7DC transformer and made it dead completely, I even suspect connection was made opposite as well..

I tried to replace these both capacitors shown in pictures, replaced both of IR at top but still it does not work. (Dark blue capacitors) the light blue one have 3 legs and I dont know what is it and could not find it in market as well.
Also the mini transistor BV4 could be bad?

Current status is that when I place new batteries in it then it blinks the red led once while putting batteries in.

I would like to repair it because its expensive. Suggestions any what else should i replace or main IC is dead or micro resistance in black?




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Sadly, it sounds dead as a hammer. Only test left would be to aim the remote at your phone camera and hit buttons. The camera will "see" the infrared output (from the black LED). If the nothing there, it's toast.


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There is possibly a short from C6 to the track that goes under it - doubtful that is the issue but worth a quick scrape.


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Sounds like the nephew owes you a new remote. :rolleyes:
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