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Refurbishing a 10 CD duplicator


New Member
Hi guys I need advice and anyones experience here

I have a copy writer tower 1052 made by microboards

the CD writers are failing 5 out of 10 will only work at 16X rather than 52X. I have had some contact with their support in China (I think it was china anyhow) but having given them the serial number they told me it was sold in the UK (duh as though they had to tell me that) so I should contact customer support in the UK.

before being sent to UK support I did get out of them that all 10 writers need to be of identical model and firmware version - well this pretty obvious to me too.

has anyone had any experience with this type of machine

I have been able to get from them the latest firmware and have plans for adding another 2 writers as there are 12 sockets on the controller board but only 10 are uased and I have verified by putting number 10 onto number 12 and doing a copy: this machine can host 12 writers. my only worry is that the power supply is 320 W total with 12 V @ 20 A and 5 V @ 18 A, each drive (currently 11) uses 1.5 A for each rail, I suppose the controller board and display will be using about that on the 5 V rail

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