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Refrigerator controller question

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Good day all.

I am a newbie to the forum, and I'm reaching out to try and resolve a problem I'm encountering with my fridge, and I hope that you can help me.

I was taking out my refrigerator touch panel and ice maker/water dispenser control assembly to replace a water dispensing paddle. That all went well until I re-connected everything (just molex connectors) and now the icemaker auger is constantly running. I am thinking a relay has become stuck as I've tested the microswitch that commands 24vac going to the relay and it's working properly (opening and closing when it should be, it's normally open).

Can anyone shed some light?


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there's a sensor that's either disconnected, or gone bad.


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Make & model #.
Check the "molex" connectors and verify that none of the pins have been pushed out.
Was it working fine before you took it apart?
If so, what would you have done that made a relay stick?


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Is there any chance that the connectors could have been re-inserted incorrectly?
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