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Realterm has stopped working.....receiving data from microcontroller to PC

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We had been receiving debug data from out microcontroller PIC18F26K20 into our PC via the realterm software.
But now it has stopped working.
The data is coming from pin 14 of PIC18F26K20. We then have a TTL-to-USB converter cable...then USB isolator, then USB from isolator to PC........then we have realterm software in PC......we are tryign to receive the data into a capture file...it was working, btu now we no longer have data getting written to our capture file. How can we find out whats wrong? We scoped the PIN14 of the micro, and its definetely sending a data stream.

How can we tell if realterm is receiveing this?


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Shutting everything down on the computer and rebooting frequently solves issues like this. The USB port may have glitched and can't be reset any other way.

Also note, if you plug the USB adapter into a different Port, the comm Port number may change.


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If you're doing serial TTL to USB serial over a conversion chip, some of the cheaper chips have drifting clock rates. I have found the CP2102 serial/usb adapter to be ok.
Quick test, drop to 2400 baud and see if it works then.
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