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Real Time FLIR Video Feed

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First off, Total Newb.

I am designing a remote control hovercraft ( 2'x3' ) that is going to be equipped with 3 fans ( 2x fixed for thrust, 1x fixed for lift ) and rudders for steering.

I am planning on using a single engine for the two fixed fans run on a belt drive, and the engine that I may end up using is a brushless RC engine that can run in excess of 100,000 RPM. The Lift fan will run on a marine RC engine, and all of this will be controlled by a multi-channel 2-way remote system.

The twist to this is that I am attempting to mount a small FLIR camera to the craft and have a real time video feed from the camera to a small, mobile monitor that can run on an auxiliary power source.

I am looking for advice and expertise on what would allow me to do the video feed. Range should be around .25 miles (direct line of sight). I am not sure what frequency or ranges are possible.

I have the rest of this RC mapped out, and I know from other R/C vehicle experience how to do the rest.

Weight is not an issue, but less than 20lbs is optimal for obvious reasons. If this is not possible, I will just increase the dimensions of the craft, or add a couple of lift fans.

This craft is going to be used for Search and Rescue operations such as avalanche, ice, water, dark, and confined space searches. This model will also be tested in its ability to detect underground objects, namely land mines.

ALL HELP IS APPRECIATED!!! Thanks in advance.


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If you don't have to worry too much about budget a Single Board Computer with a PC104 interface and a PC104 video capture card should do the trick for you're image capturing. A Wi Fi Compact flash card Would give you short range video transmission for testing. When you build your own hardware I don't think there is any reason why you couldn't boost the gain on the 802.11 signal to improve range.



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Video Feed on HoverBot

I suggest you use a small covert camera freely available from suppliers like Honeywell at http//:www.honeywell.com For the radio/RF link I would suggest using a 2.4GHz transmitter which you get specifically made for transmitting Video. Well the monitor section you can also get at Honeywell or if you have a Television with RCA connectors you could even route the video through your TV set.

Any questions feel free to drop a line @ [email protected]

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I would use the small board PC with a webcam and a wireless LAN setup. Use a laptop to connect to the smallboard PC; you can use something like VNC viewer,PC anywhere or the like to view what the smallboard PC "sees" through the webcam.
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