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reading usb data recieved from a joystick from the PIC18F4550 microcontroller

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Hi, I'm a university student and I'm working on an embeded project. In a part of my project, I need to read the usb packets emitted by a USB joystick through a pic microcontroller. I used the PIC18F4550 and tried using the HID functions in the MICROC librarry. But the HID_read() function does not show any data recieved from the joystick. I configured the descriptor properly as well. I'm not sure as to what the error is. All the similar projects that i found in the net were projects that made a microcontroller function as a joystick or
usb device. But what i want to do is to read the usb packets(data recieved) from a usb joystick from the microcontroller. I'm not sure if i can do this from the way that i tried.

Can some one help me? Where do i need to correct myself? Or is there another way of doin this? Please help.

Nigel Goodwin

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Generally PIC's include USB as slave not as host, you need to implement a USB host.

Apparently there are some host examples, perhaps on a specific PIC, try looking deeper at MicroChip.
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