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Re:paralleled PWM ESCs


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I have a question being a novice to power electronics circuitry regarding paralleling 2 PWM motor controllers to produce twice the amperage of a single ESC but having the same output voltages as one PWM ESC;is this ciruit viable and if so would i need some sort of impedance matching circuit for the input to both PWM ESCs??
btw...i could not find any power electronics subforum on "ETO" so my post is here...
Thanks in advance for any helpful replies!!


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I don't think it could work unless the PWM signals were exactly synchronised, so the power devices in the two controllers were switching on and off at the same times, so equally sharing the load without distorting the PWM waveform.

What exact motor are you wanting to run, and from what power source?


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No, just buy a single bigger ESC.

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