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So here is my basic question. How can I get my 1.5v-4v signal to proportionally divide the 5v reference signal?
Here's an idea - it's just a starting point for you to work from - I don't know how linear it might be



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Thanks for the replies guys. :D I did some brief reading on op-amps (pretty advaced). I'm also going to study the drawing and see if that will work. I'm totally new to this stuff, so bare with me.

Here is the full original post.
Ok, I’m totally new here and have very limited electronics experience. I have a feeling this is a simple problem to solve, so please enlighten me.

Some background:
I’m a performance car enthusiast (somewhat of a drag racer) and I’m trying to set something up on my car so that I can get accurate a/f readings into the software that I have for logging sensor data from the cars PCM (powertrain control module). I have built a control kit (I purchased) and have a wideband 02 sensor that puts out readings between 1.3v-4.0v. This is all good, but I need a way to get this signal into the PCM so I can log it with my software. It turns out there is an available AC compressor sensor that logs to the PCM with voltage. It appears to have a 5v reference going to a device that divides the voltage based on the pressure in the AC line. My plan is to somehow substitute my wideband 02 signal for the variable resistor pressure sensor and end up with readings that I can collect from the PCM.

The question:
So here is my basic question. How can I get my 1.5v-4v signal to proportionally divide the 5v reference signal? I’m totally new to electronics, but this sounds like a potentiometer of sorts. It also sounds like a semiconductor of sorts. Again, please ignore my ignorance here and guide me in the right direction. I know cars and computers pretty well, but I’m starting to hit many walls with my limited experience with electronics.
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