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Radio gear to go - 2M & 70CM mobile and fixed station gear & parts, mostly modded for packet radio use, plus TNCs etc.


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Hi all,
I'm having a long-overdue clearout of accumulated radios and other related gear, starting back from when I was originally setting up GB7NND in the mid 90s..

Probably a dozen or more mobile rigs, quite a few modded and functional on one of the UK amateur bands, plus various un-modded and spares / cannibalised ones.

Four (I think) Storno base station rigs, a 2m and some on 70cm, a couple of which have internal cavity diplexers for full duplex operation - and yet more spares for these.

Some number of TNCs, various home built and a couple of commercial ones including a tiny2.

I have so many boxes of parts stashed in the loft etc. that I can't give exact numbers..

This is a photo of NND when it was first built, to give you an idea of the gear in use, and a typical TNC:
(Edit - I just realised that TNC photo shows one with a 9600 Baud modem added - most are 1200, with just the lower board).


Anyone interested, send me a message; I don't have a clue what any of it is worth now, so just about anything sensible considered, or possibly free to a club.

Robert (G8TBF / G0WTK).

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