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radio frequency frequency generation

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hey ppl i wanted to generate a high frequency oscillator
with bjt confriguration
im having difficulty in its biasing
what are the main points to considered
thanks in advanced:)


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Google Colpitts oscillator. probably best to start with a low frequency one to begin with (10MHz or so) then move to a higher frequency one later. I designed a 100MHz one a few years ago and used my radio to detect if it was at the correct frequency (we have a radio station at 100MHz - KISS FM for thos of you in the UK). Just make sure the FT of the transistor is much higher (factor of 10) than the frequency you want, then the gain of the transistor wont affect the performance


thanks for reply i tooo thought of it
but im facing priblem baising it through resistors
and what should be value of RFC(inductance used to stop the oscillation going through emitter)
i will upload a figure of my required circuit
plz have a look
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