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radio controlled device

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hello einstiens,,

ok. for my project, i need to make on/off switch of a light(led) controlled by radio..at rc car frequency. can any one help...i totally have no idea of radio control..:confused:

if any of you people have chart, diagram ,or anythin would help.:(

details : i want it to be radio controlled not infra red.
i want it to switch off when the signal is not sent
voltage is about 9v.
frequency a rc car 27mhz or 47mhz
a simple design with explaination and legend would help.
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You have to at least start your project yourself, we don't provide whole circuits on demand.


Maybe some details (really hate these secret projects and all the guessing), just spill it!

Are you using an existing R/C transmitter/receiver, or are you hoping to build the whole thing from salvaged parts and Radio Shaft? There are some simple on/off circuits that use the PWM signals from the receiver. Haven't looked in a couple of years, so no quick links today, just remember seeing them for lights, releasing a payload, lighting fireworks... Shouldn't be hard to find.
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