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R/C Tx Testing

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Can anybody help with the circuit to wrap around a 40 Mhz Transmitter antennae and then connect to an oscilliscope to display the signal details.
I believe it may be called 'demodulation' but am not sure.

The signal trace appears as vertical blocks which expand/contract as the appropriate control is operated. I believe the final block is the synch pulse.

I will be most grateful for assistance with what I believe is a fairly simple circuit for the enlightened!

Many thanks,



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I believe it may be called 'demodulation' but am not sure
No it is modulation. The way you described your signals, I think its Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Or may be Frequency Shift Keying Modulation (FSK). Both these modulations are characterised by such change in width of the pulse. The difference being, in PWM the frequency remains constant while only ON/OFF time of pulse varies and in FSK the frequency of the signal varies. You can find many such PWM generator circuits on the net. Try searching it in www.google.com.
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