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Question regarding fiber

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I have for some time been using fibers from Avagotech. I have been using the HFBR-RTD45DZ and the 10meter version.
Recently I needed longer fibers, 15meters, but Avagotech only sell 4.5m or 10m with connectors already attached. Therefore I had to order 100m fibers and cut into the desirable length and connect the connectors myself.
I did this and followed the procedure when cutting and polish the fiber and attaching the connectors (HFBR 5041-6564 I believe the connectors are called). I am at the moment experiencing some communication problems, I believe that the cutting of fiber and connecting of connectors is not satisfactory done and therefore I am experiencing problems.
Therefore I am wondering if it is possible get a hold of 15meter lengths of fiber with the connectors already attached by a company, in that way I am sure that the connectors are attached satisfactory.
Anyone know of a company which can accomodate this request? I would like to continue to use the products from Avagotech.
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Fiber Termination


I used to terminate fibers for l job and without professional equipment they can be almost impossible to make. My suggestion would be to contact a local computer network engineer or telephone company (you may have to try a few) and they would be able to make a cable for you to any length that you require. You may also try a supplier like Lindy who supply 'patch leads' with a variety of terminations and in lengths up-to 20M. Please let me know if I can be of any more help.


PS I just noticed that the fiber you are using is not true 'glass fiber' which would have a spec such as 50/125 so before you buy anything check with the data-sheet for your Tx/Rx modules and see what specs you require. Glass fiber will by nature give you longer cable runs in the region of 100M+ if used correctly.
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