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Question from a begginer.

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Hi, obviously I'm new. I don't know much more than basics about electronic components and circuits and haven't as of yet been able to get much practice.

I definitely have an interest in electronics but unfortunately my academic priorities lie elsewhere so I can't go to school for it. But I am trying to teach myself everything I can.

To start off, I have a project I'm working on.

I'm lighting the buttons on an xbox 360 Controller with 4 multi-color LED's.

So my basic understanding is that the supply voltage will be 3v ± a little if i'm using batteries, or 2.4v if i'm using the rechargeable battery I bought. I ordered the LED's but I don't have them yet so i don't have very specific info about them but here is what I do know:

1 Blue: Forward Voltage Min/Typ - 3/3.2V @If=20mA

1 Yellow: * Forward voltage: 3.3 V Typical * Forward current: 20mA

1 Red: * Forward voltage: 3.3 V Typical * Forward current: 20mA

1 Green: Forward Voltage (V) : 3.4~3.6

How would you wire these so that they light at the same time from the same power source. I was thinking they should be fine in parallel with resistors just to equalize the light output between the different color lights.
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