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Question about a custom PCB design

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Hey guys,
I'm brand new here, first post.

So I got someone to design a PCB on fiverr. I have received the board that I ordered from ALLPCB, no probs there.
I am confused how the joystick will get wired since the joystick seems to have (have not received it yet) 5 pins, and there seem to be around 9 pins around the joystick area on the PCB. I have tried to message the guy that created the gerber file on fiverr but I have not received any response.
Below is a link to a screenshot of the original post of this project, but this forum won't let me post the screenshot, apparently it's too large.


So basically I want to know if you guys can work out how to connect the 5 pin joystick, or has the guy made a mistake in creating this?

Any help much appreciated



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Based on looking at your pictures it looks as if the pcb has been done for the actual analogue joystick component. The pictured one on the right is already soldered to a breakout board. The board you have had designed is for the 'raw' joystick, not one already soldered to its own pcb.

Its the same for the tactile switches. The ones on your screencap are on their own pcbs already and the designed one has the holes for the actual component. It looks like the pcb is correct, you just need to source the actual components


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Thanks for the reply guys.

1. Where do I find these raw joysticks to purchase?
2. Can the joystick shown be wired to that board?
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