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Qucs crystal help

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I been playing with qucs it's cool but a can't find a crystal I wan't to test ideas with a crystal.
Can anyone point me to the right place. Thanks.


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LTSpice (at least my version) doesn't have a crystal model per se. It has a crystal symbol, but you have to assign the various values for inductance, capacitance, and resistamce:

If you can't find a "proper" symbol in qucs, you might consider just using a capacitor symbol and specifying those characteristics.

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I guess qucs is like ltspice I said you can use stuff from it I don't have the hang of it.
But it works so so I wanted to use LTspice but this is a linx box.


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I've set up my own QUCS model for a crystal using the standard equivalent circuit. The attached example is for a 38 kHz tuning fork crystal. The parameters came from the manufacturer's datasheet. Note the extremely high inductance value. This is normal for a crystal.
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