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Pyramid PS21KX Linear Supply - 13.8V, 18A


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So yeah, I got one of these. It's very lightly used less than 20 hours to charge batteries for bench testing circuits and motors. I'm getting a larger variable voltage supply for use with a hot wire cutter, bench testing, and charging batteries which covers what I use this one for while cutting out the need of a battery to bench test.

I'm asking $50 for it plus shipping...but's pretty big. I'm not sure how much it would be but I'm guessing $30. So it'd come in a around 2/3 of what you'd get it normally before shipping. I have the box too, but it's high up in my garage so I don't know for sure if the foam is still in there (or whatever was used to pack it in the first place). It probably is, but I haven't checked. If it's not...I can use my new foam cutter to cut something for it lol.

I also have an Devantech SRF08 40kHz rangefinder ($30) and SRF235 235kHz rangefinder ($100).

PM me if you happen to be interested.
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