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Prototyping with PIC32

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Spend a little more $$ and make it easy on your self

There is a lot of PIC32 development boards sprouting here and there, if you are doing serious work it is probably best to get one of the boards from Microchip, both the explorer16 and the PIC32 expansion board are great candidates, the explorer16 has a rich set of external peripheral circuitry, some of it is commonly used so there is plenty of code and examples that will speed your project along. There quite a few other good boards like the ones from Mikroelektronika as well. Although my sole purpose here is not advertising, I will be featuring a solder-less prototyping board in a few weeks that mates with both of the above Microchip development boards.
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Assuming you already have development hardware and need to make a prototype;
here's a complete tiny dev board with onboard regulator, USB etc for $25;


Or PCB to solder your own IC, the PCB has 0.1" header pins, PCB is $7.90;

Both are small and cheap enough you could use them inside most things you might build.
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