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Project feedback - LORA + GPS chip recommendations (not LoRAWAN)


New Member
Hi all

I am developing a product for commercial use (hopefully) and wanted recommendations on some LoRA and GPS chips. The main criterias I have are the chips must consume minimal power (a deep sleep mode is also required), be cost effective and be available in a break out such that I can experiment with them.

The system architecture will consist of a base unit which can communicate to a series of nodes, containing the LoRA tranceivers (simultaneously) and GPS chips. I am new to LoRA but like the fact that it has a range of up to 10-15km.

For the nodes, so far I have been reading up alot on the SEMTECH SX1279 LoRA tranceiver and Ublox NEO-M9N GPS. The intent will be to use ceramic PCB mounted antennas for both chips with a PIC MCU.

For the base unit, again I will be using a PIC MCU and ceramic mounted antenna (for LoRA). Unsure of what chips to use in order to communicate with many different LoRA nodes.

For prototyping purposes, I require either DIP package chips or ones on prefab'd breakout boards.

1. Are these chips recommended for commercial use? Has anyone had any experience with them and can list any drawbacks?

2. I am finding it difficult to find the SX1279 in a breakout with a schematic diagram. Does anyone know of one?

3. The Ublox is fairly expensive at about $15 USD (even in mass production). Does anyone know of an alternative fit for commercial use? If so, do you know of a break out?

4. Which LoRA chip do you recommend for the base unit ?


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