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Progressive Scan Function in TV!!

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I just bought A Sony PSP along with a Component Video cable. One of my TV has Component video out port(the Reg Green Blue one) but when i connect my PSP to TV with this cable i dont get any display.
This may be because my TV does not have the Progressive Scan function.Right??
If yes how can i install such a Function on my TV???

Nigel Goodwin

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If your TV doesn't do Progressive, you can't add it - but why not just turn progressive OFF on the PSP?.

This is always assuming that's what your problem is.


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Hey Nigel Goodwin,

Thank You for such a quick response :)

Yeah i tried that, there are 2 options on my PSP 1. Progressive 2. Interlace

When i switch to Interface it displays Black n White Picture :(
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Birdman Adam

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One suggestion: If you are plugging composite cables (yellow = video, red/white = audio) into component inputs (green blue + red = video) it will display only a black/white picture with no sound. I discovered this out of curiosity.
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