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Problem with mesh network (ZigBee).

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I did the following experiment:

(EP - Endpoint - is a router).

In ZigBee, the mesh network should work by default, therefore I think that its an HW problem.
I was wondering maybe you could contibute anything to that matter and give me an idea of why would EP#2 experience frequent disconnections from network.

Thank you.


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ZigBee questions don't get much traction on this forum, I'm afraid. Apparently not much experience with it - might want to try another forum.

What little I know about it (from salesmen trying to peddle it) fits with that diagram and the mesh network approach, EP#1 is acting as a relay between the coordinator and EP#2.

Perhaps EP#2 simply sits in an area that's bad for radio reception. This isn't always something obvious - even though there's an open path, metal objects in the room can reflect a signal in such a way that it arrives out of phase (Google "multipath problem") at the antenna. You might try moving EP#2 around a little and see if that affects the disconnection rate.


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Yes I noticed that not many people use ZigBee for communication.
Thanks for the advice.
Unfortunely it happens everywhere I put EP#2 that is not close enough for it to recieve the Coordinator.


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I'm looking for a regular indoor range, where you have two units, each at a different end of the house, communicating with each other.
The reception is not so good right now.
Distance between Coordinator and EP#1 was about 18 feet, and the distance between Coordinator and EP#2 was about 24 feet (the distance between EP#2 and EP#1 was about 6 feet).
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