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Problem identifying smd component/problem


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Hello Folks,

new poster here, just a hobbyist, looking to refine my craft and love for electronicics repair.

below I have a metering device, made by Bluelabs - Dosetronic with attached leads it reads pH/TDS,water quality etc and displays on a sub-screen connected to ribbon cable.

when power turned on only 1 led turns on, tried replacing Led with no such luck, moved on to replace both 2 sip 5v to 5v 200mA convertors as I found output to unit close to my circle not output 5v. but I’m having issues identifying this chip it is labeled naog ? It gets real HoT like 50plus degrees, so I suspect that’s my next component to trace out.

there are no available diagrams, at least available to public for this device.

thanks for any input.


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Hello, and Thankyou Narkeleptk, Ronsimson,
Today I have learned much, so I ordered a couple of those GDTs, and also checked voltages coming from input on VDD/voltage out/bypass. On Narkeleptks insight:

unsure of how to check what the voltage needs to be, tracing output to next known ic?

could this also be a driver issue, it runs 6 individual 7segment display looking for equivalent non obsolete package driver QSOP-24 ( as1116e )

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