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Power surge vizio tv

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Anthony Klepac

New Member
Don't know much when it comes to circuit boards but a few days ago I uneed plugged my TV on accident while moving a shelve around. When it unplugged I smelled electrical vapors and the TV wouldn't turn back on. I could only assume that do to the house being so old it was an electrical surge. So I took apart the TV an tried to see what was the issue, being that I am an electrican. After researching the TV I wanted to know if I can only replace the power circuit board since it has the dioids an fuse on that board or does it also affect the display board and will have to replace both boards

Tony Stewart

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Intermittent power can cause the thermal soft start to fail which causes stress on the PSU.

Check for slight bulge on cap lids


New Member
replace power board first, cause its more likely to be bad.

main board, less likely.
display less less likely.
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