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Power Supply

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i have built the NOPPP to try to program my pic16F84(A)
although i have no run into a problem! i have no power supply

the only power supply i have is an OLD meccano transformer
the information given on it is as follows

A.C input
220/250 volts 50/60 cycles 12 Watts

Alternative Continuous ratings
A - 12 volts D.C 8 Watts
B - 15 volts A.C 9 V.A

i have used a multimeter and checked the output at A but the increments seem to go up from 7.8 - 11.6 - 15.3 - 18.5
although from earlier experiments with 555 timer circuits it seems i need a capacitor over the output otherwise they would never work!
but with the capacitor over the outputs the voltage readings were as follows
11.2 - 17 - 22.8 - 27.9

if i were to use this for my NOPPP i would need a +5v and a +12v
could i get these voltages from this supply by adding the appropriate resistor values on the input of the circuit?

and how come there is a large difference with the capacitor over the outputs?

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