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power capacitor (super cap) for car amplifier

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hi, any one can help me for webs or forum have information about capacitor very high capacity 1-6 farad.
Planing to enter this kind of this cap, but can't find how to handle it. it like very big batt. .
how to charge and discharge, how to test, how to prove it's advantage
thank vidhya s. bangkok thailand
if you have change to bkk i will buy you one nice thai food :D
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Power Cap

:eek: Now the car audio some peple put the amplifier up to100-500 watts. Mean the amp. draw a lot of current. usually the amp and car battery is 2-3 meter apart a lot of voltage drop when they used sup woofer amp.
so they put very big cap. to compensate voltage drop during the huge bass come. You can see some at this web.


The korea and china make up to 2-3 farad 20 volt now :shock:


6 Farads is a bit excessive, I think. For 500W, you should only really need about 50,000u, maybe 100,000.

Does anyone else agree?


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Yes I do agree with you! For National Semiconductors LM12 150W Audio Amp. it is advised to use 10,000uF on each supply rail. So for 500W I think 50,000uF will be more than enough.
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