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Potentiometer with switch

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Hello all,
I know there are potentiometers with switches so that when the resistance is turned very low the switch will "do its thang." But do they make them so that the the switch opens and closes when the resistance is at a maximum?

Ideally i would need a pot, and when the resistance is turned to its highest level, a normally open switch closes. then the switch clicks open as the user lowers the resistance.

Is there such a thing? I've been trying to search for something like this and can only find pots that have a switch that is normally closed, and then opens when the resistance is at a minimum. Or is there some sort of rotary switch contraption that i can add onto a regular pot to control a switch as i please?

or would anyone have any suggestions on how to achieve a similar result in another way? I like the pot switch though because it gives the user that satisfying "click"




I assume by "the maximum", you want to have the switch such that it opens/closes when the knob is turned to the limit in the clockwise direction -- I have not seen such a part. Otherwise if you just want one to switch when the resistance is maximum, you can use just about any pot. By swapping the two outer pins of a potentiometer, you get the effect of swapping the direction you need to turn it to increase the resistance. If only two pins are connected (the wiper and one of the outer pins), then just swap the outer pin and leave the wiper as is.

Dean Huster

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A good fix, yes.

But to answer the question, yes, there are such things. As I recall, there are some models of Tektronix storage scopes that do just that. You can often take apart modular pots made by Allen-Bradley or Bourns and rearrange them any way you want and you may be able to work that option in to the works.



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Or You can use a pot with push-pull type switch.It can switching in any position...
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