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plz people need help : PIC16F877A I2C MODULE EXAMPLE CODES IN ASSAMBLE

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Hello there friends and respected engineers and future engineers

i have a problem building a project of mine, tried using the data sheets and tried for more than 3 months but with no success, i tried using mplab but it cant inject the sspbuf or sspsr registers with data to trace the code flow, its too hard for me. plase if any has a code for i2c master mode, and i2c slave mode using the i2c module in the pic16f877a using assembly language , plz post them for me. i will be very thank full.

thanks for looking into my problem :)
wp100, thanks for giving me an example, as for xpi0t0s "Haw rude !!" i asked for help about this issue, changing my issue is not an option dear, any way thanks
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