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  • Welcome to our site! Electro Tech is an online community (with over 170,000 members) who enjoy talking about and building electronic circuits, projects and gadgets. To participate you need to register. Registration is free. Click here to register now.

pls help me on my school project........

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ive been looking for my school project proposal on my electronic project. i really dont have any idea what project will i propose. it seems that everything were discovered and design. could someone help or give me any ideas what kind of project will i propose. pls...pls... i need it very badly. thanx anyway for someone who could hepl me....

I guess it depends on what grade you are in and how complex the project needs to be to satisfy your teacher and be simple enough that you can build it. How about some details.

Only you know the standard of your electronics knowledge and capabilities.

If you are in doubt then ask your TUTOR for guidance. This is a part of their function.

Once you have a idea then flesh it out with how YOU mean to design and construct it. What is the purpose of the circuit? How does it - in your opinion - work?

THEN come back to the forum and present what you have done, be it a schematic or a link to a web page containing one, and your explanation of what it does - or should do, and THEN ask for help with confirming that it does what you require or changes in design/components to achieve what you desire.

Over a number of years I have seen many questions such as yours and the majority of them are just attempts to have the work done by someone else.

This does stop a lot of people giving help.

If you do as I have proposed then you will find more people willing to help to solve your problems as they will see that you wish to learn and are willing to TRY.

Once you present something to the forum then I will, if I am able, help

It always seemed like everything had been discovered and designed until someone thought up something new. They say necessity is the mother of invention. The ideas that help people do something, make their life easier if they are old or dissabled and show that technology is about improving our lifestyle are the ones that score the highest.

I might be able to help

last year i dont GCSE electronics and for the project i made a electronic organ i got a B for it it is pretty simple it is make from a 555 some 100k variable resistors and some capasctors.
if this is the kind of thing you want E-maill me and i will sent you the circuit [/quote]
well, i can give you a tip....
how about a led project...maybe control a series of leds with an EPROM or something.
maybe a small radio controlled car or that...
maybe an object finder...with a beeper and a device to find it.
or, wahat about somekind of interface to a computer and different apliances in your home.
another idea wich is quite simple and interseting is to use a bicolor led and design a circuit that will give you a specific colour for a given input voltage(i have something like this...on 0V it is RED and it goes trough yellow and GREEN at 12V)
just a few suggestions. i ll think of some more... 8)
There is no indication that she ever returned to the forum. Lots of questions form the members - yet no replies.
I think she is waiting for some lightening idea :) Then she'll reply.
Nice one Gene!

or how about a Van De Graaf Generator.

At least that will make your hair stand up :lol: :lol:

Seriously though, I've seen questions like this on various forum and lists and they all seem to appear around the same time - when the school project has been given out and in the students initial stages of panic.

Most of us have been there.

After the panic subsides and the thought process begins then most get the germ of an idea. Once that is fleshed out a bit and presented by Karen then I will help in any feeble way I can - but NOT with definative answers.

My daughter is studying electronics and even she has to work hard for it.

One thing I have noticed with the latest crop of questions is the tone that is applied - I want it and I want it NOW!

I did my electronics over 20 years ago and I'm still learning more everyday - so what chance has a newbie with a bad attitude got?

One question - wrong forum I know - can anyone suggest a good assembler and a good compiler for the PIC.

Ta very much
MPASM is a freeware assembler from MICROCHIP . The company also offers a completely free development suite called "MPLAB" which is excellent with lot of features. If you are lookin for "C" compiler, has it for you (not freeware). But you can download a demo which can compile code for 16F84 easily.
Thanks Kinjal,

Primarily looking at Asm and/or C so i'll give both a shot.

If anything is a good enough tool during trial then it's worth paying for - being a Limited Company I can put it against my VAT & Tax bills anyway.

Many Thanks

thank you for all your suggestions and comments. it really does help. i was thinking going for a UV PHOTOSENSOR. DOES this project a nice one?

For my early projects in electronics i did a simple bike alarm that consisted of a tilt switch which triggered a 555 timer. The other project which was funny because it was totaly sureal was a bed wetting detection system...i know but hey it got me and A*
Hi Karen - Thought you had disappeared. The photo sensor might be an idea - you certainly could build it. However, to get an "A", you will need some sort of unique application. What were you thinking of doing with the sensor?
Hi Karen,

You may want to try the circuit for sensing when the plants need any watering its so simple but effective. IMHO :)
My daughter built a watering alarm many years ago and I thought it was neat. She used a plastic pot and put an LED throught the side - the circuit was encased in silicon rubber. She called hers a "power pot." The LED came on when the soil was dry.
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