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please i need your idea

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sinan mohammed

New Member
hello every body

I have a small project which is bulding an digital panel meter using the

ICL7107. you know that this IC only except input voltage to be measured

so i want to measure the (hfe the gain of a transistor),and that the

hfe=Ic/Ib so i need your to sugesst a cct that could divide these to

currents or volages if we insert to same value of resistors in series with

the colector and the base pins to get voltage instead of currents.

any idea could help to light the way to make it!!!!! :lol: :lol:


Active Member
If You apply +5V and -5V supply for 7106-07 it can also measure voltages with common GND.
The sensitivity is +-200mV, for current measuring You can calculate
the resistor with Ohm's law.

sinan mohammed

New Member
sorry you did not understand me, i know this but is there a circuit that could divide these two voltages but in analog so that i could measure the final voltage as the gain of the transistor

and thanks for your help
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