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Please help me with rf transmitters and receivers

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i am very new to this forum.please help me with my doubts.we are given a project that deals with RF signals.

"first of all i need to connect the RF receiver to dc motor so that i can connect it to a water boat i made."
please help me with my the following....
1)what is the better frequency to have long range transmitter?
2)what way the frequency selection helps us?
3)how can we increase the frequency and the range(distance)of emitter and receiver? any formulae for calculating?
4)what is channel ?is that the number of switches it consist?how to increase the channel number?
5)i need a long range powerful transmitter and emitter ..

please anyone help me out ...i am a beginner to electronics and for this purpose i'll need to have radio frequency circuit comprising of transmitter and receiver.schematic diagram of this circuit will help me to a great extend . if you can the circuit diagram i would be thankful....

Nigel Goodwin

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You first need to check out licence conditions in the country you're in (which you don't have filled in) - but in any civilised country your requirements are mostly unlicenceable and illegal.

There should be a radio control band, often 27MHz, but you need to stick to the licence conditions for it's use.


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What kind of range are you talking about?


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I know this is what someone always answers to radio control queries, but the cheapest, most legal, and best functioning way is usually to just use a premade radio control kit. You can still customize the features of your project all you want, but I have found using premade transmitters, receivers and crystals, which already have all the legal stuff worked out, to be far better for my purposes at least. I've been working on methods to use these recently, infact in my blog I now have PIC code that could easily be adapted to any 18F chip that has a CCP module to capture the PWM servo control signal from a common radio control receiver. If you are just controlling positional motors you could even just use normal servos, and if you want to control the speed of a motor, you could use my code and set up your own PWM controller for the motor around it, or you could buy a premade motor controller that plugs into your receiver, they make lots of them. If you really insist on making the radio equipment yourself it can be done, but getting it all approved and legal could be a long and expensive process, to say nothing of the difficulty of making it work.
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please can you give me ur blog address where u have embeded the details of ur rf code and all, Triode? plz!
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