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PLC damage.

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I'm working in plastic industry. We bild our own machine to make our plastics products.

In one machine, the PLC (GE Fanuc Serie One) has gave his last breath.
So, I was plan to put another PLC, a newer one(GE Fanuc VersaMax Micro). To make so, I had rebuild the whole panel. It's my first one so :wink: ... I make a mistake.

The PLC have a 24vDC power source in it to supply the input circuit. BUT, I thought I had to supply the 24vDC with another power supply and connect it to the PLC. It was a power output AND NOT a power input. DOH!!:x

Both power source has been face-to-face so it make something blow in my PLC. But nothing seem to be burn at first sight and nothing seem to smell like smoke.

I was thinking if someone have an idea of what is blow in my PLC like a diode rectifier or anything else.



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-> I had faced a similar problem when I connected 2 power supplies in parallel. The device which bursted was the series regulator in one of the low potential power supply. This was because of reverse current that flows into the regulator.
-> The other device which may have gone is the capacitor. f capacitor is charged beyond its capacity, the dielectric gets heated up resulting into its rupture and finally leaking of the capacitor.
-> Have you checked the fuse of power supply? This may also have blown out. Good power supplies always has fuse in the load side.
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