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Pioneer Elite vsx-35tx water damage no power

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I'm trying to fix my amp that had a small water damage to it. It currently has no power, no standby power either, It's a Pioneer Elite VSX-35TX. I cleaned all the corrosion and water damage, no fuse blown. Decide to start at the pwr supply (see attached). The relay (RY6001) does not engage when I plug the unit in. Just need some tips on where to go next. ThanksPrimary Assy_Pioneer_2.jpg


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there are likely damaged components in the receiver. water damage is not usually repairable, because even if you were lucky enough to have the receiver operating again, the corrosion will come back. there are nooks and crannies such as the space within the through-holes where component leads go through the circuit board where even after a good thorough cleaning, some corrosion may remain undisturbed. one reason the receiver isn't working now, however is that either it had power applied to it when it got the water damage, or it was plugged in and tested before all the moisture was removed. most likely the MCU chip was damaged. i know a TX model receiver is a nice piece of equipment, but when you have liquid damage, it's going to cost more than the cost of a new one to repair it.
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