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PICKIT3 not programming.


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Replaced the offending 4431, then tried the pickit3 =FAIL
Tried the 4431 on the 'good' PCB = FAIL
Tried the Pickit2, on both 4431s = PASS
Tried the Pickit2 on the 4620 (Which didn't used to be supported) = PASS

Looked inside the Pickit3, see image and C7.
I'll re-solder it and re-test.



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I soldered Pickit3 C7,but it still didn't work.
I decided to re-flow the PK3 board. I had to remove the through the board pin connectors, and my de-solder sucker's recoil threw 4 components off the board :)
Found a schematic, which was the same, (so if it's a clone it is pretty good,) checked where the components went, and heated it up again.
Retried it =PASS :) (it still could have been my settings?)

When the PK2 detects a pic, it sets the pic number, and the powered voltage. When set to ERASE, it reports low voltage, see attached. Once set to 'force'pickit, it ERASES ok, also programs.

Noting the voltage required fo programming the 18F4431 is >4.5V, I checked the compass voltage max =4.3V, so went safe and set PK2 to 4V. This now progams (hopefully) and is within the AK8963C voltage.
Now where was I ;)


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I had a pickit3 fail on me a couple of months ago and found a diagnostic program to test it with. After running all the tests, it appeared to be working just fine. I then did a "Revert to MPLAB X mode" and it started working fine again. This page seems to explain it.

Hi P,
Today, I tested all 'systems' and found PK2 and PK3 work but MPLAB didn't work.
Then I remembered your#33 post with the "Revert to MPLAB X mode". got MPLAB working but now PK3 doesn't.
It's one or the other! In the past I must have spent weeks with 'intermittent' working none working programmers, now I understand why.

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