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pic18fxx and interupt

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i studied Pic 18f458 interupts.
i use
1-#pragma interrupt chk_isr
void chk_isr(void)
2-#pragma code my_HiPrio_int=0x08
void my_HiPrio_int(void)
3-#pragma code
void main()

please tell me why we use it.

Ian Rogers

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The correct way to declare an interrupt in C18 is:-

#pragma code InterruptVectorHigh = 0x08
This instructs the compiler to the CODE section at address 0x08 ( low interrupt vector )
void InterruptVectorHigh (void)
    goto InterruptHandlerHigh //jump to interrupt routine
This places the new vector in that code space (InterruptHandlerHigh can be any function identifier )

Now vector 0x08 in code will hold the jump call to YOUR interrupt routine.

#pragma code
#pragma interrupt InterruptHandlerHigh

void InterruptHandlerHigh ()
         // your code here...
The final piece, is a function in CODE space that contains the code that needs executing when a interrupt is fired.
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