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PIC18F beginner, need help

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What if I have the ICD2 puck, do I need a development board?

I have never used this before....

Thank you guys, I really appreciate the help


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Ok, looks simple.

So, let me get this straight:
1.) get all required software (MPLAB, C18, MiWi stack)
2.) Write code into MPLAB
3.) compile MPLAB to get hex file
4.) connect pic with ICD2 puck
5.) upload hex file to pic through hyperterminal

Is this about right?
Is there a way I can read a text file to be used in the MPLAB code?


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Yeah I know. As it is, coding in C is going to be interesting.

Actually I have a question about the PIC code. If I need to send an array to the pic to be sent to the network. My PIC code would only have to recieve the array and transfer it to the MRF24J40?

So the array would just sit in the pic until this happens? Is this easy to do?


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Hi, I saw this thread and thought I'd jump on board: I'm at the same stage of having the chip connected to my PIC(18f87j50)

Now i am wondering what is the protocol for accessing the SPI buffer? I guess microchip provide some sort of help for this but I thought I'd hedge my bets and see if anybody else can help, hope you can :D




you need the c18 compiler of microchip...to program you mcu!!
and a ICD2 to load your generated hex file on flash memory of your mcu to be excuted
on your circuit!!


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Thanks, I was just looking at the pic datasheet and it appears to be quite simple, just to initialise and test the sspstat and con registers and feed or read data from the shift register. a hell of a lot easier than i2c anyway, thanks for the reply fermat :)


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Hi there ,
-How are we going to deal with USB protocol with another pereferal protocol like Bluetooth in writing C code for PIC 18 F4550 ?
-Are there any proteus simualtor "LABCENTER" that have a Bluetooth modules in its library?

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