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Pic Webserver

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I have a need for a small device which can pull IP from the network.
I was thinking one of the pic webserver can be modified to use DHCP and display the IP on a small 2x16 LCD.
Tried two of the picweb project made for 16f877 and RT8019AS, so far no luck they don't even work, not for me.
Pic running OK I got the link light on and flash once, and that is all.
If you have any info or experience about this please reply to the group.



This project is using SLIP.
I need something for ISA or NE2000 or RTL8019AS Ethernet controller chip.
Just connect to the network with RJ45 and pull an IP from the DHCP server,
display the IP address on 2x16 LCD and that is all.
If you have experience around this Please help me out.

Thanks for reading.


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Oh I see

Umm, you should be able too get into the IP stack and then read the information and output it too the printer port (connected to LCD), i would research the IP protocol in detail.
or do do you need to read the dhcp info from a PIC or other MCU?
that should be fairly simple once you have the IP Stack info.



I was hopping to make it small as possible, and I have over 100 16f8xx and 45 17C756, plus many ne2000 isa nic.

All this parts just collecting dust in my basement, now I have a project to use them, but don't know how to...



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do i get the point if I say that the siteplayer is

a device which you can connect to a other microcontroller

and sow on you can manipulate that microcontroller from a web browser..??



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You load a "page" to your SitePlayer, along with some instructions on to what to do, when say a link is pressed. Among these commands, you can send a serial command to your microcontroller for example. Or you can control 1 of the I/O lines of the siteplayer.



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can the webpage be dynamicly whit information

about state's of the i/o ports or

whit values from the memory..of a pic..////??



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erm, well i code in delphi, and have some experance with making web servers

if you can pull an ip can u also pull a socket ?

web browesers request a page for your server as so

GET /Index.html HTTP/1.1
Accept: image/gif, image/x-xbitmap, image/jpeg, image/pjpeg, application/vnd.ms-excel, application/msword, application/vnd.ms-powerpoint, application/x-shockwave-flash, */*
Accept-Language: en-gb
Accept-Encoding: gzip, deflate
User-Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1)
Connection: Keep-Alive

most of the information there you dont need to know but
the important thing is the filename
ie will open a new connection of he same socket for each object it needs
you will have to load each file up and stream it for each connection simultainously

alot of of work for a pic?

just stick to a pc and the software email me for a server
[email protected]
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