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PIC Programmer

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I use the ISP-PRO system from Basic Micro. (Came with the MbasicPro package). It's ok but kinda buggy at times and doesn't support as many chips as some of the others. The biggest problem with Basic Micro stuff is that they have ZERO tech support and customer service.

I think I will be getting an Melabs Epic programmer and selling off all my Basic Micro stuff shortly, gonna move to Proton Picbasic+

Check out the www.melabs.com site, I think they have some of the best stuff around.

Nigel G. has some interesting stuff to: http://www.winpicprog.co.uk

The programming software is pretty much included with any programmer you buy I do believe. You can go to basic micro's site and download their programming software to have a look at it, but it's useless without the ISP-PRO.


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I am using icprog, see www.ic-prog.com[/url]

Nigel Goodwin

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CoTang said:
What software do you guys use to program the PIC? I'm not talking about the compiler.
I (obviously!) use WinPicProg, the actual programmer board I use is a version of the P16PRO40 - it was sent to me by a Canadian who uses my software, he added a socket for ICSP to the P16PRO40 circuit, and even managed to amke the board smaller.


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I use MPLab for programming me Pic`s.

I have used some order programs in dos with own made programmers but they are freeware and you can find them on the net I think,


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I use Winpicprog for most my pic's

IC-prog for my 16f676's cause it isn't in wpp... yet.
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