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PIC Controller 16F84

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Does anyone have a clear and straight forward schematic..for PIC Servo controller...?? I tried this one but it doesnt work....or i cant see whats wrong with it.??



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erm for Servo Controll PPM (Pulse Posistion Modulation)
its not realy how u wire it, but how u code it.

that is to say, all u end up doing is outputing a PPM on one pin. its not hard to wire the black wire from the servo to GND and the red wire to +5v the yellow wire to that pin, and short of explaining it with sock puppets and a dancing dinosaw i don't know what to sugest.

when u code to writing ur code use a #define directive to specify you port/pin as a constant, so u only have to change it in one place in ur code.
#Define foo  PORTA,0
bsf foo


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Check the conector of your servo motor since some servos wire different than others. And make sure you have power it right.

Servos are controlled by sending a pulse between 1ms and 2ms.......... being 1.5ms the center of the servo. Make sure you send the right signal so that it moves right and that the signal doesn't make the servo go past the physical stop.

I hope it helps

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