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PIC book

My salute to Nigel Goodwin for his contribution for Pic lovers. I learned Pic from his Tutorial and made trainer board from his hardware tutorial to learn practical application. In my country,that time there was no book, no programmer available and nothing.
For Assembly Lovers, still his Tutorial is the best and complete. I pray and hope that he will remain fit so that we can learn more from him. Thank you Nigel so much.
hello im very happy with ilookfor books for PICand also forpic basic pro
exactly (PICBASIC PROJECTS: 30 Projects using PICBASIC and PICBASIC PRO filetype:pdf) because i have aproject by it..sorry
haha sahu...
good for a laugh this post.

anyway back to topic.

I got given (to borrow) "Programming and Customizing PICmicro Microcontrollers" by Myke Predko when I was first starting out.
And as I knew nothing I found it overwhelming.
Seen as though is a big fat book, I though I would start at the start and read every page.
I got board by about page 50. arcchitechture, RISC, Harvard University,mid-range, KEELOQ, peripherals..... I was confused as confused could be.
All I wanted to do was learn how to flash as LED on an OFF!

Then 2 weeks ago I bought "PIC Microcontrollers: know it all" by Newnes (ISBN: 978-0-7506-8615-0)
Once again, I started from page 1, and already It has given me a better idea of what a PIC can do.
The book has extracts from PIC datasheets and overall, I preffer it over Myke Predko's book.

It has example programs (like mykes does) but personally I think the schematics are drawn better, and It also includes flow charts of how the program works.
Which I think is extreamly beneficial in trying to learn the language as you can have the schematic, program code, and flow chart side by side and it just makes the learning process a bit easier.

I'm not pulling as much hair out.

I must say 98% of what I have tought myself is from the net, and nigels tutorials are very good.
But I also too like a hard copy of things.
I can take a datasheet, or a book in the car to read.
I cant take a webpage as easily.

Anyway Im happy with my purchase.

and thats my 2 cents worth.


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"Programming and Customizing PICmicro Microcontrollers" by Myke Predko is the biggest pile of drooling drible i ever attemped to read, I'm surprised the guy did not throw in how he fries his eggs and bacon for breakfast too !

its just a huge disorganized mess of a giddy man trying to put his thoughts onto paper. from what i read it seemed that no topic was developed enough and i just kept jumping backwards and forwads trying to peice topics back together only to be told how to organise MY pc.

I've not yet found a good book, there is a burning reveiw on play.com now of another book i bought from them which turned out to be another load of twaddle. the net is what got me by in the end and a member of this forum helping me do my first project via msn messenger support
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no mate most people hate that particular author and there are many more of that calibre or just plain crooks, the book i bought off play.com was basically a cheat, the guy thought he was funny, put lots of basic electronics information in the book that a pic user is guaranteed to know (or he/she would not be using pics let alone IC's) some jibberish about pics and the other half of the book was just full of projects copied and pasted from microchips website and very complictaed with no aditional information. I have given up trying to buy pic books !
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no, whats it like ? I'd like a good reference book but like i refuse to buy a CD player because they are made to break down after 6 months I refuse to buy book written by some idiot trying to make a quike buck off my hard earned cash
To tell you the truth i haven't even taken the CD out of the packet.
I bought the book because it is a book.

I'll take some photos of some pages to show you.
Is that illegal??
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erm well if you ask the author and publishing house probably yes, but at the end of the day your publicizing the book for free so they can't really comaplain, its not like your sending me the whole book right ?
I thought the same thing.

I'm giving this book a good wrap.

And to help persuade you to buy it, and/or others i shall attach 10-20 photos.

If people are contemplating buying it, seeing whats inside might tip them over the edge.Which I would see as a favour to them.

Bare with me while i take some photos.
Illegal posting of copyrighted information deleted.

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