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anyone bought this book ?


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It's not my book I like the book I posted it's a no bull book made in 1980 has all the math you need to no for Electronics and Electricity seeing how I can't keep it all in my head. I use it a lot.
The "Practical Electronics Handbook" is awesome, I had the E-book and also have a hard copy, it is an excellent reference book.I really like most of Ian Sinclaires books, and I require all my employees to read both,Electronic and Electrical Servicing: Consumer and Commercial Electronics and Electronic and Electrical Servicing: Consumer and Commercial Electronics - Level 3 upon being employed.The newest copies written with John Dunton.
See, if you can find a preview on Google books and you might be able to download it from somewhere, although I don't endorse piracy. ;)
Simon, check your email.;)

file is password protected ... :(
It's pretty easy to find a download that isn't password protected.

He shouldn't have posted the link anyway, because posting pirated material is against the rules.

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