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Pic Basic Pro and MPLab

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I am just starting programming PIC's and would like some step by step basics. I would like to use MPLab with PBP as the Language Tool. The way I understand it, I run mplab, make a new project and edit a file in basic. When I "Build" the project, MPLab calls the PBP compiler, creates an .ASM file and then MPASM generates the .hex file. How close is this?.

When I try this approach I get an error on almost every line and the compiler stops. The errors I get are either

ERROR: Unable to execute mpasmwin
C:\PBP\PIC14EXT.BAS ERROR Line 12: Redefinition of VAR

I am using a 12F675 on a PicKit demonstration board.

What Include files are needed for this processor?
Any step by step or links would be greatly appreciated.
Not open for further replies.

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