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PG7 gland 'blanking plug'

Nigel Goodwin

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Has anyone seen a source of blanking 'plugs' for PG7 glands - one that simply slides in the end of the PG7 in place of the cable, for an unused connection. They look like a small 'mushroom', and you simply loosen the PG7, remove the blank, and insert the cable.

We've got a few here on a piece of commercial equipment, but I can't seem to find them anywhere? - all I can find is a screw blanking plug that replaces the entire PG7.

Here's a couple of pictures of what it looks like.
blank1.png blank2.png


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Newark / Element 14 has some. Search for PG7 Plug


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I've seen a short piece of plastic rod used for the same purpose, with the end flush with the gland.

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