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Pe4302 breakout board question

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Recently I have been interested in a digital rf stepped attenuator project .I was wondering if anyone had tried to use two of these boards to increase the maximum attenuation given to the input signal.One board alone yields a maximum of 31.5 db of attenuation.For most applications this would be sufficient.Is it possible to connect two in series to increase the maximum attenuation to 63 db ?The project can be viewed on YouTube if you put in diy rf digital attenuator as a search.


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An interesting little chip.
I note from the datasheet that the PE4302 is declared as obsolete by its manufacturer (Peregrine) and is superseded by the PE 4312.

I see no problem if two of the evaluation modules are series connected for greater attenuation.
However, there could be a problem of signal leakage around the unscreened modules at higher frequencies, leading to the attenuation being less than expected.



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I agree with Jim. I would put them in a two chambered metal box. OR In two different boxes.
You know that there is a mix input level. That level is not effected by how many ICs you use.

You could get a 20db or 30db fixed attenuator to go ahead of the board.
Thank you for all the valuable information and advice.I will build up this circuit and update in due course of the results I have achieved.
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